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Thumbnails -- using a SunRay 150 thin client (hence the low resolution) on banyan, a dual 900MHz SunFire 480R running Solaris 9. The gale client is vtfugu running within screen; the other stuff is testing the UKMS customised rsync daemon. -- Red Hat 9. IRC through ERC in XEmacs, mail/news/RSS through gnus in the same XEmacs process. -- FVWM. -- OS X.2 (jaguar) with two open terminals (gale and ugcs), one hidden terminal (eps). Visible apps: matlab (including fresh, tasty data: can you spot the phase transition), TeXshop (fresh, unapproved abstract being formatted). iCal and acrobat are minimzed; normally I'd have a Safari window and iTunes running as well, but I'm at work, so most of the netstuff is being done on the other computer. Exactly which major apps are open depends on what stage I'm in; generally, I can't manage mroe than 3 on the desktop, which is why I should really buy VirtualDesktop already. -- Pictured are two xterms (one with gsub, the other with zsh) running under fvwm with xearth in the background. This was taken a few minutes ago; I'm catching up to this morning's conversation. The right-hand xterm would normally be running mutt. The FvwmButtons icons are, from left to right: new shell, UGCS shell, work shell (out of date), Opera, Netscape 4, root shell, Gale, blank screen, virtual desktop, xbiff, xload. This is all on the "old" toastball (a 200 MHz Pentium with 64M of RAM) running the "old" toast Linux non-distribution based on a previous incarnation of the "toast" script (the one being discussed in pub.comp.toast is a complete rewrite). The "new" toastball is up and running, but hasn't stabilized enough to have a typical desktop appearance.