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TuSSH, a freeware ssh client for the Tungstens. Bonus points include colour support (barely visible in my prompt) and a sane terminal. Negative points include lack of a way to send C-key (so, to use screen or send SIGTERM) and not remembering connection settings.
NetChaser. This is what happens when you walk into a Microsoft Research building while it's autodiscovering wireless nodes. It can be set to beep and vibrate on discovery, which is useful for walking down the street and realising that you could check e-mail if you wanted to.
The default launcher. Seems sane enough to me.
Chessmaster, by far the best chess engine I've encountered for the palm. Plays a mean anti-Sicilian (as above); bonus points for guessing what the next four plies were.
Photo viewer.
An excessively blurry photo. Sorry.
Photo viewer.
And again. The screen quality really is excellent. Honest.
Movie viewer.
Kinoma movie viewer, playing the trailer for _Swordfish_. I'm not sure why anyone would want to watch tiny compressed short movies on their Palm; if they did, though, this would be a good thing to use.
Web browser.
The inbuilt browser and obligatory Slashdot screenshot. You can't make the text smaller than the above, which annoys me. Apart from that, seems very capable, includes a JavaScript engine.